Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brain teaser

One of the poker bloggers I follow posted a fascinating poker puzzle here:

Poker Quiz | Rob's Vegas and Poker Blog

I worked on it a while, in my head, with a deck of cards, and even trying to write it out, but I finally broke down and googled it. Turns out there's actually two solutions, which I found here


Monday, June 9, 2014

WSOP and other stuff

Lots of stuff

I'm still here and still playing. I've started several posts since my last update, but I've never gotten around to finishing them up and posting.

I ended up winning 3 quarterly tournaments in a row last year. I finished 2nd in the final quarterly, and busted 3rd in the year end.

This year started out well, and I finished 2nd in the first quarterly, however I haven't been playing like I should be lately. I recently downloaded a poker improvement hypnosis mp3. Hopefully listening to it will help me refocus and get back to my winning ways. Last week I did feel that I played much better, even though I still haven't won a session in months. I'm working on going back to the basics, focusing on better hand selection and playing more aggressively. I also plan to go through my books and read up on short handed play.

My wife and I were hoping to go to Vegas later this year for a long weekend, but it appears to be somewhat out of our budget, so we're planning a road trip to somewhere closer. There will still be poker involved, and I'm planning on playing in one tournament there. I also want play one or two of the Sunday tournaments at the Horseshoe here in town before then, as well as some cash games. I'm strongly considering playing $3/6 limit to build my backroll, to avoid the fluxuations of no limit.

I've been following the updates on this year, which I didn't really do last year. I was up late Sunday railbirding online for a blogger I follow, <a href=">MemphisMOJO</a>, who finished 3rd in the senior event. While I didn't stay up to see the finish, I was excited to follow most of the end of the $1500 Razz event, when Ted Forrest defeated Phil Hellmuth for his 6th bracelet and 2nd in Razz. I've also been following Daniel Negraneau, in particular his 2nd place finish in the no limit 2-7 event.