Tuesday, June 26, 2012

League Craziness - June

June 1st was a fun night. In an early hand, I had pocket kings in the cutoff. The UTG player raised and it was called around to me. Since league is often no fold’em hold’em, rather than raise, and win a smallish pot, I decided to set a trap. I struck gold when I flopped a set and the early position raiser led out. I thought a bit and called. The turn gave me a boat, and I thought before calling again. When he bet the river, I min-raised and was called. I showed my boat and he mucked. I took down a nicer pot than had I shoved preflop. In a later hand, one of the guys threw out a straddle and so I decided to do a double straddle. I continued to straddle when I could. That led to some fun hands, including another where I ended up all in, and flop top set with 8s. I finished 3rd and 2nd for the night.
I missed playing on the 8th of June, as my wife and I had friends in from out of town. Ended up staying up later than if I’d gone to poker. We talked until around 3 or 4am.

Off and on during league play, I'll text how I'm doing to my twitter account. I was checking out twitter to follow some of the WSOP results. I decided to search again and found a nice twitter app that I like, Tweetcaster. I've become rather addicted to it. It's been great following the results of my favorite players. It also keeps me from being bored between hands and sessions. I first used it during league on the 15th.

It was kind of weird, playing during the College World Series. Typically the bar is packed, but since the CWS moved from Rosenblatt, it's been no different than a typical night. 

I finished 5th/7 in the first session, busting out with AKs v AA on a K-high flop. I didn't have any memorable hands that I tweeted or recall. In the second session I had an interesting hand where I put in a blind double straddle. On a flop of 974, the UTG player shoves. I finally look at my cards and see a pair of Aces. I go all-in to isolate. He flips over K4. He turns a K and I call for a 9, 7 or A. I get lucky and river a 7. We started with 8 or 10, and when we got down to one table of 4, I had a huge chip lead. However, it quickly shrunk when two players were eliminated and it got to heads up. We went back and forth, playing mostly small pots until I won a big hand and took a solid lead.

On the 22nd, my wife finally was able to join me, as did a friend of ours from Texas, who was up here for her birthday, on the 23rd. She and I played one session. She had to buy back in, but played very well and finished in 2nd place, outlasting me. I was very proud of her. She was happy as well, especially after Jerry, who runs the league, jokingly made a comment to me, to tell her not to overplay her hand. She had shoved with something like AK, and he thought she was trying to get points for a pocket pair. She ended up knocking him out later when she rivered a flush to beat his straight.

I'm hoping to do well this week to finish up the quarter. Next week is the quarterly, and I'm planning on putting any winnings I happen to earn into my poker fund, so I can go play some $3/6 limit.

I've also been playing on my Zynga poker app on my Droid, and occasionally playing TH poker on my PC, both of which I'm doing well against.

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