Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Craziness of league play - May results

I decided to break post into two parts after the June results got to be a bit lengthy for my tastes. And, since I didn't tweet my results from the first two weeks of May, I don't really remember what happened.

Friday May 18th was one of those strange nights. At first it looked like there may not be enough people to play, then we had a few trickle in, so we ended up with 6 to start the 1st session. It was a great session for me, as I ended up eliminating every opponent to win, hitting quads along the way, for more bonus points. My final hand in the second session was also wild. I believe it was the 3rd level, blinds 50 & 100. I had QTo UTG and had raised to something like $250. It was a family pot with 4 or 5 of us in it. The flop comes 3Q2 rainbow. The BB leads out with a big bet, about 6 or 800. Based on earlier hands, I put him on hitting the 2 or 3. I went all in for around 2000. Incredibly, I got 3 callers, including the original raiser. I was worried at first, when I got the 2 callers after me, that one of them, the dealer in particular, may have hit a set or 2s or 3s. The player to my left had Q6, the dealer had A5 and the BB had, as I suspected, A2. I feel good about making the right read and decision. The turn is another 3 and the river a horrible 4. I was out and called it a night. The points for 1st and quads were good enough for me.
The following week was another night with solid results for me. Again, we had to wait for players to trickle in, but we ended with 6 or 7 for both sessions. I played well, keeping a decent stack throughout and finished in 2nd place in both sessions, and won a free shot from the DJ as well. Interestingly enough, I was able to be the first to identify a Queen song, and on the very next hand, I had AQ and flopped a Queen, taking the pot down with a c-bet.

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