Saturday, February 18, 2012

My first cash game at the casino

Well, just got home from my first cash game at the casino. I was seated right away at a $1/3 NL table.
I think I played well, as I was up about $100 at one point, but I eventually bled off my chips and had to buy more. Although I wasn't worried about the money, as I'd had it set aside for poker anyways, I was playing a bit scared. I need more practice playing, to work on being more aggressive, and to ease my nerves.

I went broke shortly after buying more chips. I made a good call with top pair on a board with a couple of draws, but on the next hand went out with the 2nd nut flush . Among the other hands I played, I'm fairly sure I folded one winner, and misplayed another hand. I flopped a straight flush draw on an A high board, called a c-bet and checked it down. I should have bet the turn when the A paired, but I was more interested in hitting a jackpot hand. I had several pocked pairs, mostly medium, 7's through 9's, but only hit one set, on the turn, which I did get paid.

I'm going to try and play in one of the tournaments later this month, to try and replenish my bankroll. Otherwise I'll have to save up a little at a time and add to it with anything I win at the quarterly league tourney in April. I also need to get my den finished, so I can have a place where my books are all together and I can study.

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