Friday, October 14, 2011


The 3rd quarter of the bar league finished with me solidly in the lead by about 100 points. I even missed a few sessions to do some work on my dad’s house. We still don’t have a date set for the quarterly tournament, but it’s likely to be November. While I really like playing on Friday, as opposed to Sunday night, turnout has dropped some, in part due to other conflicts for some of the players, and possibly the DJ & karaoke music. Besides the music not being to my taste for the most part, the volume is extremely loud for a small bar, and it’s not well balanced. The highs are very grating and almost painful.
The start of the new quarter went very well for me. I finished 3rd in the 1st session, and the 2nd session was nearly a repeat of the previous week, heads-up vs. Jerry. However, the outcome was different, as this time I was able to come from behind to win and collect the 5 point bounty on him.
I’m going on vacation to Dallas later this month and I’m considering a trip to one of the Oklahoma casinos for a tournament or cash game. I really need to start getting some more experience in bigger tournaments and cash games if I want to have a successful trip to the WSOP in Las Vegas next year.
I haven’t said anything about the Full Tilt situation, even though I do have some money tied up there. I’ve always been hopeful that the situation will be resolved and that the US (and now all) players would get their money back, and with their recent sale, that looks more and more promising. I’ve always felt a loyalty to them, as I’m a fan of most of their pros, and like their software a lot more than Pokerstars or any other site I’ve tried. It’s unfortunate what happened to them, and I’ve lost a lot of respect for the big names listed on the indictments, especially Ferguson, who was my favorite player. If they are ever back up and running again in the US under the new ownership, I would still play there. However, I would definitely have a different plan for managing my funds.

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