Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quarterly results

I played in my league’s quarterly tournament on Sunday. I started 3rd in chips and finished in 3rd. I feel I played very well, although I suspect that I missed a few opportunities when we were 3 handed. Blinds had started at 30 minute intervals, then moved to 15 minutes as we got short handed. Once we got to 5/10k, when we were 3-handed, the guy running the league kept them there, as they were eating a big portion of the stacks every circuit. For a long time the chips were just moving back and forth, each of us having the lead and then the short stack at some point in time. My elimination occurred in BB, when I let myself get down to less than 2BB and had to shove. J9<QT and I was out in 3rd.

In the following regular session, I continued my strong play, and made come great reads, doubling up early and keeping control of my chips, instead of donking them off as I am sometimes prone. I made a few crazy bluffs which were successful, to my surprise. When we got down to heads up, I was slightly behind in chips, but knew I was much better than my opponent and had a simple, yet effective plan to win. He's a regular, but not a good player and very easy to read. I simply raised almost every hand and bet almost every flop, quickly retaking the chip lead. The last hand ended when I raise with A7o and he shoved with a small pair. I called and hit the 7 on the turn to win.

My play has finally given me the confidence to make a trip to the casino for a cash game. With the chips I received for my birthday and other money I've set aside, I am prepared for a long session at the Horseshoe. I'm hoping to make a big enough score to be able to play in a couple of the circuit events in August.

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