Wednesday, July 27, 2011

League play

Sunday was another good night in the league I play in. First session was tough, and I had to do a rare rebuy, but still ended up out in 5th in a 4-way all-in hand.Second session wasn't quite as tough, although I think that was due to actually getting dealt slightly better hands.One skill I need to work on is 3-handed play. Although my results were better this week than last, one result doesn't change that fact. I did manage to pull out a victory in the 2nd session, after getting a lucky double up when I called and was all in with K8 clubs vs. AK diamonds. I hit an 8 to double up and stay alive. The final hand that won it for me was Kx vs Tx. We were all in on the river when he hit his T and I hit my gutshot straight.

Finally poker is moving back to Friday nights. One of the owners finally decided that Sunday wasn't such a good night, especially when we're the only ones in the bar after about 10 or 11pm. I think that will be a big help for me, as I won't have the worry about getting up for work early the next morning anymore.

I still haven't made it to the casino for a cash game, but I'm hoping to soon. Work has been pretty busy with an upgrade to our invoicing program, but once that's over I should be less tired at the end of the day and feel more like playing.

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