Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Horrible beat

Played quite a bit yesterday and did ok, until I switched to rush poker. Ended up losing 3 buy-ins. I need to go back and see when I've done best and when I've done worst playing rush. That way I'll know when it's best for me to play, and when to try a ring game or SNG/MTT. I probably should work more on the MTTs on Sunday, since that's when the bigger ones usually are.

I only played the first session last night at Starsky's and finished 3rd. I played ok, but I'm getting bored with playing there. It's not that much of a challenge for me and it seems like there's nothing in it for me. I've proven I can beat the game. I need to find something else to challenge me. Either another bar game, or move to the casino and try either the $3/6 limit game, or whatever they're spreading at NL, assuming I've got the money for it.

I also need to work on my studying, as I've said before. Unfortunately, I never had great study skills in school, mostly because I didn't need them. I generally soaked stuff up and either knew it or didn't.

Played in a stud hi SNG tonight and busted in 4th when I was short stacked. Got dealt 222 and got it all in on the turn. Opponent had nothing but Ace high and proceeded to get two more Aces to knock me out. At least he apologized. lol. I wish the small stakes stud and mixed game SNGs weren't so slow to fill up. I seem to do pretty good in them most of the time. I may try the ring games, as I've heard they're soft. Just busted in 5th in a stud/8 SNG. Was doing well until I got it all in with 2 pair on 6th street vs. a 6 high straight. Hung on for a few more hands but busted when my 8 low was beat when my opponent rivered a wheel. And now for the trifecta, playing (and finally winning!) a Razz SNG.

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