Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One step closer to a big goal.

I'm making progress in some of my goals, but still having trouble with others. I am having trouble making the time to visit the forums and playing every day, although most of the times I do play, I'm doing well. Also, I've been trying out PokerTracker 3, and am pleased with it so far. I've found the Heads Up Display to be very helpful, and my wife has offered to help me purchase it.

Last Friday I was geared up to try out a semi-private cash tournament. However, when I got there, it had been cancelled, as there was no one to run it. So I came home and got online. I played in a 6-max NLHE tournament, but busted just 3 hands into it when my Queens ran into Kings. I then found an Omaha Hi/Lo tournament. I was doing well, holding my own, even among the chip leaders for a while. As the blinds went up, I started getting fewer winners, but was able to make it through the bubble and finish in 4th for another nice cash.

Saturday I played some in the morning, finishing 2nd in a 7card Stud Hi/Lo SNG. Later in the day, I played in some more 6-max tournaments. I finished just out of the money in a turbo, busted early in a deep stack, then took down a regular 6 max.for another big cash. I won the last 4 hands, first taking over the chip lead, then eliminating each of the remaining players on a hand. That pushed me over one of my money goals.

I was amused during one of the tournaments as the following occurred:

Full Tilt - |200/400 NL - Holdem - 6 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3: http://www.pokertracker.com

CO: 6,580.00
BTN: 8,155.00
SB: 6,600.00
Hero (BB): 3,825.00
UTG: 805.00
MP: 11,647.00

CO posts ante 50.00, BTN posts ante 50.00, SB posts ante 50.00, Hero posts ante 50.00, UTG posts ante 50.00, MP posts ante 50.00, SB posts SB 200.00, Hero posts BB 400.00

Pre Flop: (900.00) Hero has 4s Ks

UTG raises to 755.00 and is all-in, fold, fold, fold, SB raises to 800.00, Hero calls 400.00

Flop: (2655.00, 3 players) Kc 3s Qs
SB bets 1,000.00, Hero raises to 2,975.00 and is all-in, SB calls 1,975.00

Turn: (8605.00, 3 players) Qd

River: (8605.00, 3 players) Ac

Hero shows 4s Ks (Two Pair, Kings and Queens) (PreFlop 27%, Flop 86%, Turn 90%)
UTG shows 9d Ah (Two Pair, Aces and Queens) (PreFlop 25%, Flop 6%, Turn 5%)
SB shows Jh Js (Two Pair, Queens and Jacks) (PreFlop 48%, Flop 8%, Turn 5%)
Hero wins 6,040.00
UTG wins 2,565.00

After this hand, the SB starts ranting in the chat box about my play. He incorrectly claimed that he re-raised the all-in call of the UTG. Technically speaking, since the UTG did not make a full 400 raise, the SB did not re-raise. Oddly enough, I'm surprised he did not shove and isolate with his pocket Jacks. He even continued ranting about others playing badly after he was eliminated. Fortunately, I have observer chat disabled and rarely pay attention to the chat box.

Sunday I didn't make it to the casino early enough for the 10am tournament. There were already 20 people on the waiting list, so I passed and came back home. I played in an 8 player SNG, but was rather tired and didn't play my best, busting out in 7th. Sunday night I did well at the bar, playing in just the 1st session, since the grill was closed and I needed to eat dinner. I built a big chip stack early when one of the regulars played his drunk and shove blind game. I ended up busting him out twice. I had to rebuy once when I flopped a pair of Qs and a flush draw with KQ suited. I was all-in by the river, but ran into AQ and hadn't hit any of my outs. I earned points for quads and a pocket pair on my way to finishing 2nd. Heads up I could've done better, but I got a bit impatient as my opponent shoved about 4 times in a row and I finally called with a less than stellar hand that he easily had dominated. I was down to 2 BB, and was eliminated a couple of hands later.

I've found a few things I need to work on, first, I shouldn't start playing when I'm tired, especially SNGs. Second, I need to work on a weekly poker schedule, fitting in times to play and study. Finally, as part of my goal of participating more in the forums, I need to post hands, and the one above may be my first one. I'm also considering posting links to news articles of interest, and creating a twitter account just for this blog and my poker results.

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