Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

I’ve recently started using PokerTracker for Texas Hold’em. It’s been a great tool, however, I wasn’t using the information it provided correctly and it ended up costing me. I was trying to use the stats is provided to make decisions before I had enough data to make the stats meaningful. I went on a bad run because of that mistake, tilting some in the process, and am just now starting to hopefully recover. Last night I finished 16th in a deepstack 6-max for my first cash in 2 weeks.

Yesterday I also finally purchased Harrington on Online Cash Games; 6-Max No-Limit Hold 'em. I love 6-max, the reviews are good and they indicate that the book is geared towards using Pokertracker . I think that studying it will be a big help to my game.

Tuesday I played in at the Horseshoe, in a re-buy tournament. While I did fairly well and may play again, due to the cost of re-buys and add-ons, it'll have to be after I have a good bankroll built up for live games. I had a rather large stack after my first and only re-buy, more than doubling up twice, including once when I slow-played my flopped boat. However, I ended up giving a lot of those chips back when my opponent hit a boat. He raised in early position and at least one of the two players between us called. I was holding A9 hearts, but because of the other players in, thought I was getting decent odds and made the call, and I believe one other person did as well. The flop comes 3J9 with two hearts. He bets, I'm the only caller. Turn is another black 9. He bets and I push all-in. He calls quickly and shows pocket Js, the worst hand I could be up against. I had put him on an overpair like Qs or Ks, or maybe AJ. I missed the case 9 and became rather short stacked. He had been very aggressive, and I just couldn't put him on Js. However, I was able to hold on to my stack until we made the final table. I missed a couple of chances to potentially pick up some chips, based on the final hands shown, but I feel made the correct decisions at the time. My final hand was KT spades in the cutoff. I push and the button calls, showing AK clubs. Ouch. Looking into it later, I find I'm a 70-30 undedog, although my equity is good until I'm only getting called with about the top 13% of all hands. While normally that's probably a good play, especially with a bigger stack, in that position, I think I should've waited until I was in the money to try that.

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